Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dining Room

With Thanksgiving coming up, I can't help but think of dining rooms.  I love a fancy dining room, even if they are only used once or twice a year.  We are planning a more casual dining area for our row house, but I have lots of gorgeous inspiration saved up for the "Someday House".

Yes please, chevron wood floors and crown molding.
Suzie: Ashlee Raubach Photography  French dining room design with ...
Ashlee Raubauch Photography

These arm chairs are very inviting.  Casual and elegant at the same time.
Suzie: Ashley Putman  Lonny Mag  Gorgeous blue & brown dining room design with bold blue walls ...
Ashley Puttman

Inlaid tile and wood floor, painted ceiling, chandelier, and custom window boxes are nice details.
Emily Larkin: Dining room
Decor Pad
I like the color combination and the gorgeous chairs.
Ashley Whittacker

Gary McBurnie

Barry Dixon

Bern Santini

Barbara Westrbrook & Kim Winkler

Nancy Price

Christina Rottman

I'll take this mood board dining room below, thanks!  I started off trying to be realistic with my budget, but then I figured as long as I'm making stuff up...  The most important part is the archway, moldings and a dark hardwood floor.  Let's decorate with this table, side chairs, rug, drapes, china (mine, by Rosenthal), tablecloth, chandelier, and some paintings with history portraitsilhouette portraitship.

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