Monday, November 14, 2011


Beau peer pressured me into climbing onto the roof this weekend.  It's not that I'm afraid of heights, I just didn't get the point.  He was right.  It's fun.


Do you see that pretty, blue, glass high-rise to the left?  That's where I work.  It's a 15 minute walk.

The house 4 down with the giant antenna is my parent's.  It's like cable only fewer channels and free.

This is our roof.  I'm standing in the back and taking a photo towards the front of the house.  That giant parking garage is being developed into condos.  Awesome for home values, less awesome for future parking potential. What's really amazing though?  The condition of this roof.  Beau will do some small repairs, but like the rest of the house's exterior, it's in pretty great shape.

Beau actually is afraid of heights.  He was hanging on to my sweatshirt while I took these, looking down onto the side alley and back patio area.


This is our patio.  Digger George is kind of being a slacker and hasn't picked up the pots yet.

Beau invited me up to check out his handiwork.  He's in the process of removing the chimneys.

We have differing opinions on "weather-proof". This was apparently perfect to get us through the snow storm.

Chimney number two is still waiting for some duck tape, I guess.

The bricks just crumbled at the slightest touch.
I'm thinking these gaping holes will need a little touchup.  Later this week, I'll post what we had to gain by losing these chimneys.

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