Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We don't have our act together quite enough to celebrate Halloween this year, but here are some great ideas I've been enjoying.

The BEST decorated home (also the best in 20102009, and 2008).

The prettiest pumpkin and lots of fun pumpkin decorating ideas.

Cute kiddie costumes here here, here and here.

Fun family costumes here and here.

Cauldron curry would make a perfect dinner!

And end the night with the best candy of all.  Homemade peanut butter cups!

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

Inspiration Files

It's a little premature to get started on the many decorating details, but I've been busy researching anyways.  Here is the first inspiration board I put together to try and figure out the look and feel we are hoping to achieve.  I don't love everything about any of these pictures, but we'll hope to incorporate some of the details from each.  I'll explain as we go.  I plan to use lots of whites and neutrals, which will hopefully help the tiny house feel a bit bigger.  I'll add texture and warmth by adding some architectural details and mixing textiles and natural woods.  I'm hoping to steer clear of looking too much like a Pottery Barn catalog while still appealing to the mainstream.  

In the near future I need to make some final decisions about the lighting plan and plumbing fixtures so Beau will able to get started with the framing.  Maybe tomorrow...

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm taking a break from posting house updates today to dream up my jewelry wish list for this fall.  I'm loving the current trends of browns, soft leather, wrap bracelets, and chunky gold chains.

Source: Pinterest

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Demolition and Destruction

Remember this?  Not no more!

Since the day we bought the house, Beau has been dying to take a sledge hammer to every wall, ceiling, floor...anything within reach. I had more than a couple concerns with his agenda. First, his time is better spent completing the triplex. Second, it's really labor intensive work and very physically demanding, not to mention, time consuming. Third, the smell of the home, combined with the chemicals and dust that he'd be exposed to during the process were major health concerns. And lastly, and the only argument Beau would listen to, trash removal in the city is a nightmare. Not only is it very costly to rent dumpsters and then dispose of their contents, but permits and space to put those dumpsters is an additional nightmare. With all of my many reasons backing me up, Beau got wise and got a couple of quotes from neighborhood contractors and finally decided on his preferred wrecking crew.

We were told the job would take 3 men, 4 days. We are at day 7 and counting, so we definitely feel like we got our money's worth. Beau was a bit jealous at first, but I think he's coming around as he gets to enjoy the progress and none of the back aches.

When we walked in the door on the first day of demo, this is what greeted us. Looks like progress.

And this was even better. Before and after.
DSC_0310  DSC_0340

Here I'm standing in the guest room and looking towards the front of the house.

And looking the other direction.


And here's Beau trying to get in on a little bit of the action. Buhbye chimney.

The second day showed a bit more progress on the first floor.

Grossy kitchen, goodbye.

Ceiling progress.

And a little more wreckage.

Day 3 and the second floor got a little more attention.



On day 4, we came in to find a nice big pile of plaster.

A little more demo to the living room.

And a little bit tidier second floor.

I love the lone toilet. Do you think they were still using it?

We discovered where the plaster pile came from...
(I don't own appropriate shoes for this)

Somehow, nothing is in focus here, but I liked the angle anyways.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Indian Baby Shower

I just found these pictures on my camera and thought they'd be fun to share.  This summer I hosted a baby shower for a coworker.  She is originally from India and loves the color red and anything elephant.  It was lots of fun to plan and catering from New Dehli, was delicious, as always.

I held the party at my parent's house, just 4 doors down from our new house and the exact same layout. I decorated with things I already had to brighten up the room.



I sewed the heart garland with some hearts I found in my scrapbook pile.

The mom-to-be had been shopping for a little extra storage, so Beau helped me paint an old dresser we were getting rid of. We didn't do it right the first time, so this thing ended up with about 10 coats of red paint by the time we'd fixed our mistakes. That will teach us.

Favors for guests to take home.

To add a little color and bring in my theme I painted some old frames red and added some scrapbook paper and elephant cut outs. The mom plans to use them in her nursery!

As a gift, another coworker and I found a gently used crib. We cleaned it up, and then sewed a bedding set, complete with adjustable crib skirt, sheet, quilt and mobile. The mom was concerned about the hazards of bumpers, so I made some bite guards to add a little bit of color and not sacrifice safety.

Here are some more of our home made gifts. Bibs, burp cloths, stuffed elephant, changing pads and onesies. The appliqued elephants on the quilt and onesies are from a soft velour so they have a great texture.

DSC_0040 DSC_0048DSC_0050

As a group, our coworkers shared the cost of the breast pump and the rest of the gifts were given individually. Beau's aunt also sent some gently used clothing and cloth diapers to help the mom get started.  Thanks Aunt Laura!

Everything was a big hit! Especially the home brewed beer Beau shared with the guys!!