Friday, November 4, 2011

60th Birthday Surprise

I've never shared these photos before, but since they were taken this time a year ago, I think today is the day.  This time last year my mom turned 60.  My brother flew up for the occasion and surprised her by walking in to join us at her favorite restaurant.  She thought her birthday weekend couldn't possibly get any better, but the next day, we surprised her with a party to celebrate her big year.

Invite Photo

I'm still not sure exactly how I pulled off the surprise.  My dad was supposed to bring her to my house at a specific time, but instead they showed up a half hour early...just as I was taking the decorations over to the restaurant to set up.  I made up some really terrible lies to cover up why I'd have 6 flower arrangements sitting around and for some strange reason, she bought it.  After that, everything went according to plan.

We held the party across the street from our triplex, at Marigold Kitchen.  Sorry for the poor photos.  I didn't have much time to get ready or take pictures of the details.

We had a private room on the second floor.  SURPRISE!!

Mom was a little overwhelmed, but managed a picture with me before the crying resumed.

Reading the invitation. She's so cute!

I missed a lot of the detail pictures, but I had the tables set with vases of red flowers, candles, menus and some treats.

I made little tote bags for the ladies, a coloring bag and bib for the two little guests.  My cousin blogs here about her adorable family!

We enjoyed some red mimosas and Stella while Mom opened her gifts. I made her a photobook of our family through the years.

And then we had some delicious brunch.

And a little birthday cake!

Thanks to all of our wonderful family who made the long trip to join us on Mom's big day.

I hope this birthday is just as great!


  1. Kate, I was recently thinking of how delightful your Mom's birthday brunch was - great job! I still use the tote bag every workday for my lunch. Thanks for arranging that fun celebration. Aunt Judy

  2. Thanks Aunt Judy! We had so much fun celebrating!

  3. That was such a great time! Those pictures of Adam were so cute. I miss him at that age.