Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspiration Files

It's a little premature to get started on the many decorating details, but I've been busy researching anyways.  Here is the first inspiration board I put together to try and figure out the look and feel we are hoping to achieve.  I don't love everything about any of these pictures, but we'll hope to incorporate some of the details from each.  I'll explain as we go.  I plan to use lots of whites and neutrals, which will hopefully help the tiny house feel a bit bigger.  I'll add texture and warmth by adding some architectural details and mixing textiles and natural woods.  I'm hoping to steer clear of looking too much like a Pottery Barn catalog while still appealing to the mainstream.  

In the near future I need to make some final decisions about the lighting plan and plumbing fixtures so Beau will able to get started with the framing.  Maybe tomorrow...

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