Thursday, October 20, 2011

House Tour: Out Back

In case you missed it, you can find my previous house tour posts here: Appraisal, Living Room & Dining Room, Kitchen.

I'm not sure what the proper name is for the small area behind the back of the house. It's hardly a yard, but it's not quite a deck either. We'll call it "out back", until someone enlightens me.

What we found out back was a little bit of sanity. And a nice break from the disaster inside. The space is large for the city and in a surprise twist, clean. We located the "dryer" and the recently removed bump-out and window. We added them to the todo list and moved on. On a whole, it's pretty great out here and smells quite a bit better!

Take note of the presents left behind. Some planters and the house mascot that I showed you earlier. I think we'll get rid of that faceless pup...never!

The missing dryer.


For all those people who think I'm not helpful. Removing the dryer.

You thought I was joking about the face mask. I wish I could send you a whiff through the computer screen.

Gate to the shared alley.

The second window was located to the right of the drain pipe.
Get excited for the big reveal of the second floor, coming tomorrow!


  1. I love your blog :) I have to admit... When you told me you started a blog I thought the first post I read might be about a new "endeavor", but I was thinking of a different one. Still, I'm super excited for you and Beau and your new home. I can't wait to follow along and see you both work your magic and make it look amazing!
    Can't wait to see you next month!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I think this endeavor will keep us busy enough for awhile ;)

  3. Kate & Beau - With your renovation & design skills, along with goals & work ethic, your 2nd Philly row home will also be beautifully transformed. The 'after' pics will be amazing. Aunt Judy

  4. Thanks Aunt Judy! We have high hopes, but it will be a lot of work! Thanks for reading!