Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Years...A Little Belated

This was supposed to be my big year.  12 is my favorite number.  I was expecting big things.  Unfortunately, the cold from hell kept me from fully enjoying the entrance of my year.  I'm sure things will only improve from here, right?!

2012 deserves lots of champagne toasts and plenty of resolutions.  My personal resolution is to learn how to use photoshop.  It's a pie in the sky type of goal, but it is my year, so I have high hopes.  I'm also making a resolution for Beau.  His pie in the sky goal is to finish the new house.  While I'm at it, I'll make a resolution for Sugar Pie.  Sugar Pie is going to stop eating all of the food she can find when we're not watching.  She already had a slip up on the 2nd, eating an entire bag of dog food, which made her incapable of walking or lying on her stomach.  Not a strong start, but plenty of time for improvement, I hope.

What's your resolution?  Are you having as much luck as Sugar?

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